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We believe that quality fresh ingredients are the essential part of great dishes.  Here at Revolution we will always put fresh beautiful ingredients in front of you on the plate.  Our inspiration comes from the spirit of trying new things.  We feel that giving a chef all the tools and ingredients they need to create dishes that are truly special will be our launchpad for success.  We have created a great space to enjoy your meal as well as our bakery and test kitchen to get things right, before they hit the plate.  Our organic farm in Senoia will always be producing fresh seasonal ingredients for our chefs to entice you.

Northern Italian Cuisine

Our Vision

We started Revolution by being completely inspired by the best coffee we have ever had.  Our house Oaxacan  roast completely changed everything for us the first time we had it.  We had to build a coffeehouse with this amazing coffee at the center.  

As for the food, we have always wanted to create a perfect venue to showcase a great chef.  Aside from a great restaurant space and creative freedom, we wanted to give our chef a bakery with fantastic breads.  On top of that, the chef needs a space to experiment and create, so we found a space large enough for a test kitchen.  The last piece of the puzzle was quality organic produce.  We began work on an organic farm and greenhouse  in Senoia from which the bakery and restaurant could source as many ingredients as possible.

Enter the chef.  When we first saw some of the food that Chef Bri was creating, we knew we found the right person.  She had the same sensibilities about food and balance that we saw on the plate when we recently went to Italy: fresh, lighter fare with a nod to technique and ingredients -- not heavily sauced dishes with a ton of cheese and a mountain of dry, store-bought pasta.

Being an Italian descendant from Philadelphia has really been an inspiration to me as an owner.  It gave me a love of food and a passion for cooking.  Not until a recent trip to Northern Italy, though, did I really see the difference in the Americanized Italian I'd usually had in the States and the sophisticated, lush New Italian food I was trying.  The people in the places I visited had such pride in not only their country, but also the food itself.  Fresh pasta, summer truffles, and ubiquitous, affordable wine dominated the menus we encountered.  That quality is what I wanted to capture and bring home to Peachtree City.